Carpet Buying Tips

19 Oct 2018
1. Before you start choosing colours and textures, think about how they will work in the space you are planning to carpet.

It’s a good idea to sit in the room in question and envision your options – how it will work with your existing furniture, fixtures and wallpaper or paint colours. Do you want it to compliment or accent the existing characteristics of the room, or do you want it to stand alone as the main feature?

2. How can carpet colours work within a space?
  • - Deep, rich colours encourage conversation and warm a space
  • - Cool, crisp colours create freshness within a room and promote relaxation
  • - Subdued colours or earth tones create a quieter mood
  • - Bright colours have an energising effect
  • - Light colours can open up a dim room, creating a spacious, airy effect
  • - Bold colours and patterns will be the main focal point and draw the eye
  • - Neutral colours shift the focus from flooring to furnishings
3. How will carpet work within your home?

From an interior design standpoint, it is important to consider what style best suits your home – traditional, contemporary or eclectic?

4. On a practical level, consider what benefits you need from your carpet:

  • - Busy household? Children or rental property? You need a carpet that is durable and can handle high-traffic areas
  • - Indoor pets? Apart from a durable carpet, you need a carpet that can withstand traffic from feet as well as paws and claws. Keep this in mind, as it may rule out loop carpeting
  • - How much sunlight spills into this room during the day? A solution dyed nylon carpet would be suitable to reduce colour fading.
5. Consider what kind of foot traffic your carpet will be experiencing and what level of cleaning you will result from that.

Keep in mind that light colours soil easily, dark colours may lint and medium colours will be the easiest to care for.

6. Carpet measurement may be bought by the lineal/broadloom metre,

which is generally 3.66 or 4 metres wide. However, timber, laminate, bamboo, vinyl and tile are only sold by the squared metre. Carpet prices will be converted to square metres so an easy comparison can be made between the flooring options.

7. Our new underlay can make your carpet last up to 40% longer.

It cushions your feet for extra comfort and acts as a shock absorber to protect your carpet and keep it looking great.

8. The new underlay can also help insulate your house, reducing your heating bills and noise levels

– carpet with underlay can be up to 25 times quieter than one without.

9. Above all, the best way to ensure you get the right carpet for your home, at the most affordable price, is to make an appointment for a free home consultation.

We offer friendly, expert advice on styles, colours, practicality and cost. What’s more, we provide a professional measuring and estimate service, just to make the process that little bit easier!

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