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New Product release - Helios Carpet

27 Feb 2020

Helios - new release carpet.

A twist pile carpet made from a new generation polyester - MEP

MEP (also known as Molecular Enhanced Polyester) fibres create the ideal carpet that not only has comfort in mind but have also been altered at the molecular level to achieve enhanced durability, as well as resistance to soiling and staining.

The durability of 100% MEP fibres is reinforced through a heat-set during the yarn construction process – this allows the twists in the carpet to hold their shape for longer; even throughout the most hectic of household activities. Independent hexapod testing reveals that carpets made from these fibres perform at the same level as other premium synthetic fibres in the market, so you know that it will perform.

With regards to soiling, MEP fibres use an organic, mineral-based spin finish which leaves minimal residue when compared to traditional spin finishes – this means that the carpet is much less susceptible to attracting and collecting soils and dust from the home.

Changing the molecular structure has also allowed for less dye sites in the yarn for stains to take hold, which allows for easy maintenance and hassle-free cleaning with just cold water. Providing long-lasting stain resistance is the essence of every MEP fibre.

All of this is achieved without compromising the soft and luxurious feel that is often associated with other synthetic fibre carpets. And, with a carefully curated palette featuring warm and cool neutrals, as well as a beautiful array of mid to dark greys, our MEP ranges are the perfect base for any design dream!

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