Preparing Your Home for Sale? Why Homeowners Come to Harrison

17 Sep 2018
Preparing Your Home for Sale? Why Homeowners Come to Harrison

Preparing Your Home for Sale? Why Homeowners Come to Harrison

Upsizing, downsizing, relocating or simply finding the home of your dreams – there are plenty of reasons why Kiwis put their homes on the market.

But the one thing that unites them all is the desire to get top dollar for their property – and that’s where Harrisons can help.

It is important to have your home stand out from the crowd when it does come time to sell.

For those ever-important open homes, it is ideal to stage your rooms to add to the style but also to give the impressions of comfort. Soft furnishings, ornaments and fresh flowers have an impact but more lasting home improvements will reap big rewards through clever renovations.

Flooring can be key to these renovations – and in terms of a return on your investment, is an inexpensive way to make a real impact on would-be buyers.

Plenty of real estate agents recommend this solution to their clients before putting their homes on the market as a way to add quick value and make the properties more attractive to would-be buyers – and talking to Harrisons Carpets is a great start.

One Canterbury homeowner, had the daunting task of putting her late mother’s house on the market. Pauline knew the decor was outdated, particularly the carpet and vinyl, and that this could impact the potential sale value of the property.

“Joss McNamara from Harcourts Papanui recommended that I contact Christina and Murray Gardner, the local owners of Harrisons Carpet and I am so pleased we did.

The family was pointed in our direction by the local Harcourts real estate office, and we were able to help choose and install new carpet and vinyl as well as co-ordinate with the family’s painters and decorators to ensure the whole process was fast and stress-free.

“Christina came to our family home with her van full of carpet and vinyl samples. I had no idea what colours to go for, but she helped me put together two different colour palettes, co-ordinating carpets and vinyl with the paint options we had chosen using from Resenes to see how it all worked together. She was able to make it so easy, taking photos for me so that as a widespread family we could choose which colour palette we wanted to go with. Everything was priced there and then.

The flooring options we chose were Palazzo 785 carpet and Zenith 200 vinyl.

Palazzo 785 and Zenith 200
Palazzo 785 and Zenith 200

I need not have worried as Christina and Murray worked with our painters to co-ordinate every step of the way and the installation ran really smoothly.

Come auction day we were so pleased with the outcome and I am absolutely sure that having new vinyl and carpet, which cost us less than $5,200 for the house lot, definitely added to the saleability of our mother’s home.”

So if you are considering selling your home, it’s worth talking to a Harrisons Carpet expert about our vinyl and carpet options. We pride ourselves on guiding you through the process during a free in-home consultation and in finding the right look and products to help add value and saleability to your home. Call us to book an appointment on 0800 421001, or fill out the booking form online.

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