Video: Things to Consider when Choosing Hard Flooring

Harrisons Carpets - 21 Nov 2016

Video: Things to Consider when Choosing Hard Flooring

When it comes to choosing hard flooring, there are a number of things to consider. Where in your home will the new flooring reside – kitchen, bathroom, living room? Is it an area prone to a lot of sunlight or water? And there is always budget to consider as well.

So what is your hard floor answer? It might be time to consider vinyl flooring for your home.

Vinyl is still the most affordable form of hard flooring, it is softer and warmer than ceramic tiles and is impervious to water so ideal for kitchens and bathrooms.It’s cushioned for comfort, it’s insulating and if you spill something it is easy to wipe clean. Best of all there are now lots of amazing designs to choose from.

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