Use the experts for the best quality installation

You’ve taken the time to choose the perfect carpet, now our expert carpet installation team will ensure it’s fitted correctly and with the utmost care. Quality carpet laying is so important, that at Harrisons Carpet we only use the most skilled carpet installers to provide our Premium Installation Service. It’s our guarantee that you’ll love the end result.

Lifetime Installation Warranty

We also stand behind all of our residential work with a comprehensive lifetime installation warranty. Under fair wear and tear conditions, if anything needs to be put right, we’ll come around and take care of the problem. Funnily enough, it’s not something we have to do very often.



If you’re moving the furniture yourself, please put it well out of the way either:

  • In the garage
  • Outside (if it is a fine day)
  • In an area that is not being carpeted
  • In a bedroom at the far end of the house
  • Or hire a covered trailer for the day


If we are moving your furniture for you (at an additional cost), please make sure you:

  • Pack any fragile items such as glasses and china
  • Remove books from bookshelves
  • Empty drawers of large cabinets
  • Stack away loose papers etc.
  • Remove any wires from your entertainment centre
Our installers need room to move bulk carpets around!

On the Day


  • Please ensure children and pets are kept out of the way
  • If you’re not around, please leave a key in a pre-arranged place


  • Take care of the rest



  • Enjoy your new carpet


  • Furniture is carefully moved back
See our carpet care page for tips on getting the best out of your new carpet
download our full installation guide here