Laminate, just like real timber flooring, only tougher

Using Laminate floors in your home is a cost effective way to get the good looks of natural timber – with a whole lot more benefits.

  • Very scratch resistant, ideal for kids and pets
  • Fade resistant, ideal for sunny hot areas where other products struggle to cope
  • Hard to dent, stilettos no problem!
  • Less expensive than timber, no sanding or sealing required
  • Easy to maintain, just a damp mop required.

Laminate comes in all shapes and sizes

With advances in technology, the ability to replicate the look of timber is now so good it is hard to tell the difference. And with so many colours available, matching your décor has never been easier.

Classic Planks

With colours ranging from traditional to modern, Classic planks are both stylish and practical.

Endless Planks

Endless Planks have a pattern match between board ends, giving the appearance of extremely long planks. Best suited to larger rooms to get the full effect.

Long Planks

Extra-long and extra wide, this is the perfect way to add a touch of elegance to any room, Ideal for larger open plan spaces.


The exciting new Sensations range has improved water resistance from standard laminate ranges. Contact us for a free consultation to ascertain if this is suitable for your wet areas.


Morning Oak Premium Oak Plank Natural Oak


Beach House Barista Oak Mansion Oak Plank Taupe Oak Plank

Long Plank

Drift Oak Modern Grey Oak Cottage Grey Oak Royal Oak Reclaimed Grey Oak Burnt Oak Chocolate Oak


Sensations Brushed White Pine Sensations Modern Danish Oak Sensations New England Oak Sensations Coastal Oak Sensations Manor Oak Sensations Scarped Vintage Oak Sensations Village Oak Sensations Farmhouse Oak Sensations Limed Grey Oak Sensations Urban Grey Oak

Versatile, quiet and easy to install

Laminate is a floating floor. The planks simply click together and are laid on an underlay, providing a barrier to both moisture and sound.
Because Laminate isn’t glued to the floor, you can lay it straight over existing surfaces without removing or covering them, which can save cost.
Laminate planks expand and contract so an expansion gap is required to allow them to move. This needs to be covered to give a professional finish to the job. You can achieve this by either removing the skirtings before installation, undercutting the skirtings, or using a finishing trim.