Carpet prices on the spot with our cutting edge technology

Other carpet companies keep you waiting. Not Harrisons Carpet. We know your time is precious so we’ll give you an accurate measure and carpet price on the spot, using all our expertise plus the latest technology.

Fast, efficient measurement

First, your consultant will size up each room with a special handheld laser tool that provides accurate measurements down to the nearest millimetre. There’s no room for error so you’ll save money by only ordering the carpet you need. Next, your consultant will enter the figures into their tablet. This works out the cost for carpeting rooms with your chosen styles, with a floor plan you can view on the screen. It even includes special software to place the seams in the right place, so you can be sure the end result will look a million dollars.

Smart Technology

Instant carpet quote nationwide

The next step is to produce a printout with all the details – and you’ll receive this carpet price on the spot. Installation costs are included for an all-inclusive price with all the details you need to make a decision.