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Does flooring increase home value?

07 May 2021

Hardwood floors are most likely to increase the value of your home

CNN has reported that hardwood floors can increase home value by 3-5%; it is the flooring option with the highest potential return on investment. However, hardwood floors may not be a practical or financially feasible option for your home. The cost of installing hardwood floors will vary depending on your choice of wood, but it is still generally the most expensive flooring option. Hardwood is also not suited to high moisture areas such as bathrooms or basements.

If you already have hardwood floors, they will only make a positive contribution to your house value if they are well maintained. Refinishing them will add sophistication and visual appeal to your home!

New carpet, laminate or vinyl flooring also adds value and is more customisable

Carpets are excellent for adding a sense of comfort to a room and are the best option for insulation. They best suit bedrooms and living rooms. They come in a huge variety of materials, colours, looks and levels of comfort and durability. Durability is a particularly important consideration in areas with heavy foot traffic, such as stairs and doorways. Carpet prices vary widely depending on the material and quality of the carpets and carpet underlay you choose, but well-maintained, comfortable and practical carpets will return value to your home.

Carpet should ideally be replaced every 10 years in order to retain the value of your home.

With proper maintenance and cleaning, your carpets will look and perform their best for longer.

Linoleum or vinyl is ideal for areas such as kitchens and bathrooms, and is generally the most affordable option. These materials come in several contemporary and traditional designs, and can be a cheaper alternative if you would like a hardwood or marble look. Lino will deteriorate quickly if you do not select high quality material or have it installed by trusted professionals. This option may not necessarily increase the value of your home, but if it is aesthetically pleasing and well cared for, it will still appeal to some buyers.

Choose your flooring materials based on durability, style, quality and purpose if you are investing in the future value of your house. Aside from financial value, it is also likely that you will have an increased sense of enjoyment or pride in your home if you have renovated or upgraded your flooring.

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