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How much to budget for the price of carpet or vinyl?

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Pricing for carpet and vinyl can vary greatly from range to range, but it is a very affordable way to refresh the look and feel of your home.

As a guide, carpet prices range between $35 - $105 per square metre to fully install and our range goes from the more budget end to our top quality carpets.

To help you with a rough guide of recarpeting, choose the option that best describes your home.







How much do you need to budget for the price of carpet?

How big is your home?

The first thing to think about is how much carpet, laminate or vinyl you will need. Start by working out how much you intend to cover, in square metres. Homes vary in size, so it’s best to measure up the rooms and calculate as precisely as you can. We find many homes come in at around 110 sqm, but there are also homes that are considerably larger.

Pricing carpet

Pricing for carpet can vary greatly from range to range. As a guide, carpet prices range between $35 and $105 per square metre to buy and install. However, you can have a more precise answer, by calculating the broadloom metres.

Pricing laminate and vinyl

Vinyl can be a very inexpensive form of flooring and has the widest variety of styles and designs of all the hard floorings.

The cost to supply and install sheet vinyl ranges from as little as $49 per square metre to $80-$90 per sqm, depending on the quality and style of vinyl you select.

In most cases some form of floor preparation will also be required before laying the product. The cost of this is not included in the pricing above.

How does floor preparation affect price?

The quality of the surface you are covering is very important to the look and performance of your new floor. In most cases some form of floor preparation is required before laying new product. Even new concrete or particle board floors usually require a small amount of work to get the best finish.

The cost of floor preparation varies greatly and can only be properly priced after inspection. However, as a rough guide for a new floor add $25 per sqm, and where there is an existing floor that needs to be removed or covered, add $65 per sqm.


Houses have very different shapes and floor plans, and once the carpet has been installed there will be some offcuts. How many of these, and how many square metres are involved, cannot be calculated without precise measurements. That’s why our flooring experts use the latest technology to measure every room and have computer programs that can work out exactly how much carpet will be needed. When we quote a price, we have done all that work.

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