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Carpet prices vary greatly between ranges – from our most affordable, right up to the highest quality.

Replacing your tired, old carpet is one of the easiest ways to refresh the look of your home. To help you assess the cost for your home, please choose one of the following options.
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Carpet pricing*

Small house

Medium house

Large house

$ Good
$4,200 to $4,990
$5,750 to $6,200
$6,600 to $7,500
$$ Better
$6,500 to $7,850
$9,050 to $9,750
$10,400 to $11,700
$$$ Best
$9,250 to $11,150
$12,850 to $13,800
$14,800 to $16,650

Small: 2-3 bedroom house approx. 65sqm to 75sqm
Medium: 3-4 bedroom house approx. 100sqm to 120sqm
Large: 4+ bedroom house approx. 150sqm to 160sqm

* Indicative pricing only. Includes standard installation and 10mm underlay.
Does not include floor prep or doorbars.

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Hard flooring - Laminate and Vinyl

When replacing or installing any form of existing hard flooring, it’s crucial to the finished look to prepare the floor properly. Even brand new floors can require some work to be done.

This can comprise a significant portion of the overall cost for new hard flooring, making it difficult to give an estimated price without inspecting your current flooring.

This is why we don’t disclose a huge bandwidth of pricing on our website, as it is best to get one of our carpet and flooring experts to visit you in-home and offer a no obligation free quote.

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How does floor preparation affect price?

The quality of the surface you cover is essential to your new floor's look and performance. In most cases, some floor preparation is required before laying a new product. Even new concrete or particle board floors usually require a small amount of work to get the best finish.

The cost of floor preparation varies greatly and can only be properly priced after inspection. However, as a rough guide for a new floor from $25 per sqm, and where there is an existing floor that needs to be removed or covered, from $65 per sqm.

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