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Don’t Underestimate Underlay or Carpet Cushion

17 Sep 2018
Don’t Underestimate Underlay or Carpet Cushion

Don’t Underestimate Underlay or Carpet Cushion

When you’re choosing new carpet for your home, it’s natural to focus on the colour, texture and design. Whether you’re looking at the latest nylon carpets or have your heart set on a premium wool berber – all eyes will be on the pile.

But don’t neglect what lies underneath. Carpet underlay is critical to the performance of your carpet.

Your new carpet will have feet trampling over it every day for years to come. High traffic areas could soon look distinctly worn if the carpet has to absorb all that wear and tear by itself. Carpet underlay works as a hidden shock absorber, providing extra mass and cushioning.

As a bonus, it also makes carpet feel more plush and luxurious underfoot. When you walk across the carpet without shoes, your feet will know the difference. You can even get underlay designed specifically to give you that extra lush and luxurious spring to your carpet.

Of course, it’s not just about looks and comfort. By absorbing some of the burden of traffic, underlay extends the life of your carpet. You can expect to get many extra years from your new carpet if it’s installed with a good quality underlay. Think of your carpet and underlay as a team working together to maintain the appearance and value of your home.

Carpet underlay also helps insulate your house, providing an extra layer to the thermal envelope that prevents heat loss through floors. It all helps to keep your winter heating bills down in these energy-conscious times. Sound insulation is another benefit. If you’re worried about heavy footsteps or children running about upstairs, a good quality underlay can help muffle unwanted bangs and thuds.

Modern underlays also come with another trick up their sleeve - they can come with ‘antimicrobial protection’ which helps fight against mold, mildew, bacteria, and dust mites to help keep your home healthier.

There’s an additional benefit when you purchase carpet underlay from Harrisons Carpet. Every metre of Pink Invincible underlay sold by Harrison’s triggers an automatic donation to the New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation. It’s called Underlay With A Purpose. For a little extra cost, you’ll not only receive a superb underlay, but you’ll also be supporting a great cause.

So don’t underestimate the underlay when you’re looking at carpet styles and types. The right underlay could make a huge difference to the carpet’s appearance and performance in your home.

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