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Flooring for Rental Properties

25 Jul 2019

Flooring for Rental Properties

The point of your rental property is to a) make a profit and b) present the property in such a way that it attracts responsible and reliable tenants – preferably long term. Having new flooring and window treatments that are low maintenance makes it easy for tenants to imagine themselves living there.

Granted, your rental property doesn’t need top-of-the-line carpet, laminate or vinyl. But, you do need it to be smart-looking and able to withstand a lot of wear and tear, so you aren’t replacing it every couple of years.

Here is a tried and true guide to the best flooring for rental accommodation:

Keep it neutral

If you have specific tastes/colours about want you like, apply your tastes in your live-in home only. Keep a rental’s flooring neutral so it has broad appeal.

Cream coloured carpet is a rental property nightmare but then very dark colours can make a room look small and/or feel cold. A carpet or vinyl with a speckled effect will help disguise spills and stains, giving the illusion the floor always looks clean and tidy, especially important if your tenants have pets. Taupe, browns and greys create a warm and inviting space and work with most home furnishings.

Different rooms – different flooring

Are you updating a high-traffic area? Does the sun fade the furniture? Is the room subject to moisture? (bathrooms, laundry or entranceway). Is it a basement with no or little natural light? Do you need an option to help with noise reduction? Think about the primary function of the room and use a flooring which complements.

As a guideline we recommend flooring for the following areas:

Carpet – Bedrooms, lounge, family rooms. Helps with noise reduction and insulation while creating a cosy feeling.

Vinyl - Kitchen, bathroom, laundry, basement, rumpus room, hallway, family and lounge. Ample colour options and works well in all rooms, including wet and humid areas. Typically, a low-cost option that is easy to maintain.

Laminate – Dining room, office, lounge, hallway and kitchens. Highly fade resistant for sunny areas. Highly scratch resistant too and easy to clean making it ideal for young families, students and pet owners.

Online Tools

Best of all, you can get a head-start on the type of flooring you need, just by using our online filters to select the type, fibre, comfort level, performance and price.

Talk to Harrisons for convenience and advice

All Harrisons flooring experts are mobile and can talk you through the options, showing you hundreds of samples right there in your rental home. This saves our customers a lot of time and guesswork, something which can’t be achieved when visiting a flooring store.

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