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2023 flooring trends: what's coming next

01 Feb 2023

The floor is one of the most crucial components in any home. Your flooring choice will impact the overall mood and comfort of the space, and your home's layout will likely revolve around it. So, choosing the flooring option that suits your life, is on trend, and will stand the test of time is vital.

The Harrisons interior design team has collected main flooring trends to help you to make the best decision possible to express your style and gain the function and lifestyle you deserve.

Warmer toned floors

Warmer toned floors

Classic warm tones are here and not going anywhere. Probably, the last turbulent years made us try to create a cosier and more welcoming feel now than ever before. Get inspired by the look of @thismissflips new build design.

We recommend incorporating some minimalist Scandinavian or Japandi interior features to help with the seasonal refresh of the look.

Herringbone flooring

Herringbone is everywhere

Herringbone pattern boomed in 2022, and we think it will be with us for some more time. It comes in all kinds and types, from laminate flooring to luxury vinyl planks.

For bigger spaces, we recommend selecting wide planks. Homeowners of the smaller places can opt for a small size herringbone like the Classic sheet vinyl flooring in a lighter Camden 720 colour to make rooms appear bigger and more spacious.

Textured wool carpet

Texture, texture, texture

More and more Kiwis are opting for the character and rustic look of the loop pile carpets. They are not only stylish but incredibly durable and practical. It’s a great option for busy family households or areas with heavy foot traffic. Loop pile carpets like Inca help to add texture and depth to the interior whilst also creating an authentic feel.

Sustainable flooring

Sustainable, now!

Undoubtedly, we are all aware that the products we buy shall be friendly to our wallets and the planet. Even the flooring we choose. At Harrisons, we strongly believe that eco-conscious materials, such as NZ wool, will continue to be popular as homeowners now more than ever value where things have come from.

Geometric patterned floors

Bold statement

Usually, we consider flooring as a background, the canvas of an interior design scheme, rather than a statement. But it seems 2023 is set to be an exciting year for more punchy styles and geometric patterns, especially in those wet areas and smaller spaces. Just have a look at Sara’s 100-year-old villa’s bathroom new look.

We also couldn’t have missed checkerboard floors' huge comeback in the world of kitchen flooring.

Matte finish

Matte finish

Matte finishes are elegant and sophisticated, so no surprise they are taking over shiny surfaces, and this will continue to be the case for this and the next years. Matte laminate floors are also a highly practical choice, as they hide wear and tear better than shinier options. Plus, they don’t reveal dirt, prints, and debris as much as gloss, meaning the maintenance is a lot more relaxed.

Need Help Choosing Your New Flooring?

The Harrisons Flooring experts would love to help with your next flooring project. If you are still struggling to decide which flooring design material is the best for you, we can do a free at-home consultation to understand your needs and discuss your options.

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