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How Much Does Cheap Carpet Really Cost in NZ?

17 Sep 2018
How Much Does Cheap Carpet Really Cost in NZ?

How Much Does Cheap Carpet Really Cost in NZ?

Everyone loves finding a bargain in the carpet sales. As shoppers, we’ve been trained to track down bargains online, so anything that promises a discount is bound to attract attention.

But there’s an old saying: you get what you pay for. Money saved up front on carpet bargains may be spent a few months later, as you sort out some unwelcome issues.

Here’s our quick guide to avoiding the pitfalls.

First, make sure you get expert advice on the most appropriate carpet styles for different parts of your home. If the carpet in your living room is going to be exposed to New Zealand’s harsh sunlight, you need to be sure it won’t quickly fade or discolour. Any carpet deals will need to be checked against the likely wear and tear. That lovely dark wool carpet on sale at 30% off may fade to a pale shadow of its original self within 12 months.

It also pays to check the carpet warranty. You may be tempted by a special offer from a carpet retailer, but make sure the retailer stands behind the product. If there are any issues following installation, you’ll need some comeback.

Speaking of carpet installation, this is one area where you definitely don’t want to cut corners. Professional installation teams used by reputable retailers have all the equipment to correctly cut, stretch and lay your carpet. You might think that a DIY job could give you cheaper carpet – but there’s a risk of wrinkles, ripples and buckles in poorly laid carpet. Spend the money and enjoy the result!

Don’t underestimate underlay, either. Good carpet underlay does a lot more than create a lovely cushioned tread – it also absorbs some of the punishment and extends the life of your new carpet.

But it’s not all warnings and bad news. You can definitely scoop some carpet deals if you shop around. Look out for carpet sales at reputable retailers, get a range of carpet quotes and ask plenty of questions. You may find your local carpet stores offer attractive deals on end-of-line stock.

With a little homework and common sense, cheap carpets can be a reality in your home.

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