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The 8 different carpet types you should know

13 Oct 2021

If you’re looking to buy new carpet, you may be feeling a little bit overwhelmed with strange names and terms. Carpet is an ideal flooring option for insulation, comfort and style. It’s easy to install and there’s an option for every budget. In this article, we guide you through the different styles of carpet and how each is best used.

Carpet styles

Loop pile

Loop pile carpet is made from woven loops of yarn or fibre, creating a hard-wearing carpet ideal for high foot traffic areas like stairs and hallways. This has a soft-smooth feel, is durable and still offers the look, insulation and noise-cancelling qualities of most carpets.

Level loop

Level loop carpet is loop piled, but using more exact measurements so that each loop is exactly the same height. This style looks more uniform than standard loop pile and is even more durable.

Multi-level loop

This loop carpet style is used to create patterned carpet. Loops in various heights can be sequenced to create stripes (sisal loop) or zig zags. Multi-level loop carpet looks and feels more luxurious than other types of loop carpet as the higher loops have a softer feel underfoot. That said, the higher loops can get ‘squashed’ over time in high-traffic areas so it is better to use this carpet style in lounges and bedrooms than hallways. A strong vacuum will also help keep the high loops standing upright for a better-defined look.

Berber loop

Berber is the most popular style of loop pile carpet for its contemporary, neutral look and reputation for durability. It is tightly woven and generally made from thicker fibres to create a very dense texture that stays looking newer for longer and is resistant to stains. Berber is generally flecked, which hides dirt and wear effectively.

Cut pile

Cut pile carpet has a softer, more luxurious and formal look than loop pile carpet. It is constructed by creating looser loops of yarn then cutting them open at their highest point. Cut pile can be cut uniformly for a plush luxurious look, or can be cut within varying lengths for a textured surface that hides stains and marks from furniture or foot traffic. The soft feel and cushioning of textured cut pile makes it ideal for kids bedrooms or play areas.


Frieze style cut pile carpet is constructed from a mixture of thick, thin, tall and short yarns. Each yarn is twisted or kinked in random directions to give the carpet a unique, almost fuzzy texture. Frieze carpet has a relaxed, cozy look. Shag pile carpet, which was popular in the 80’s, is essentially frieze carpet with longer strands. Frieze style carpet is susceptible to getting ‘squashed’ in high traffic areas and can. Be very difficult to get stains out of, so we recommend this style for lesser-used areas of your home.

Patterned carpet

By combining cut pile and level loop techniques, you can create a unique patterned carpet. These carpets are more for decorative purposes than for practicality and are often used in hotels to give a feeling of grandeur.

Plush pile

Also known as velvet or velour, plush carpet is very soft to the touch. It is a uniformly cut pile, densely packed carpet using very short lengths of yarn. It has a soft padded feel and is great for bedrooms because of its fantastic feel underfoot.

Hopefully, this list of carpet types has given you a better idea of the best carpet for your needs and style preferences. If you would like more guidance, or to book a free at-home consultation to get a better idea of how any of these carpet types would look and feel in your home, get in touch with the Harrisons Carpet & Flooring experts!

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