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The Great Wool Comeback

19 Sep 2019

From Farm to Floor

Recently we have seen an increase in those asking for wool carpet. No wonder, when you understand the benefits of Wool.

The most eco-friendly: 100% sustainable & renewable.

Wool is the ultimate renewable fiber – it grows continuously on a sheep’s back all year round. At the end of its useful life, the used woollen carpets can be returned to the ground, where the nutrients release and decomposes to promote further grass growth and the natural production cycle starts all over again.

The most energy-efficient: regulate temperature & humidity.

Wool carpet is known for its unique ability to “breath”. When humidity levels are high, it helps to regulate the temperature and humidity levels by absorbing moisture and releasing it back into the air when it is dry. It also has great thermal insulation properties and will help keep your home warm in winter and cool in summer.

The most healthy: filters & absorbs toxins.

Wool is the best carpet choice for Allergy and Asthma sufferers. Natural wool fibre is also non-synthetic, so it is easy on your skin. Through its coil like fibres it dissipates moisture making it hypo-allergenic. It is resistant to bacteria, mould and mildew which is another trigger for many people with allergies. The lack of moisture in wool makes it harder for dust mites to survive and thrive.

From a STYLE perspective: Add visual drama and feel the plump! Texture is an element which can sometimes be overlooked when planning a scheme. It has the ability to add a powerful, and subtle dimension to any room. Neutrals and greys have been a strong trend for the last 6 years in NZ as they are so easy to live with and co-ordinate with other colours well, but they can be rather dull unless different surface finishes are introduced. Thus, if you want tactility in a carpet, you can’t go past pure New Zealand wool with a textured loop pile. Akaroa, from Godfrey Hirst, is crafted from the chunkiest yarn ever. It’ll make your tootsies curl. Add visual drama and feel the plump. Texture wool carpet will reflect less light & therefore feel ‘warmer’ and give your room more ‘weight’.

From a NZ story perspective. Our supplier “Godfrey Hirst” wool carpet is FULLY designed and made in New Zealand, with the best wool sourced from NZ high country stations. This is where our country comes together to make a truly beautiful product.

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