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The key questions that determine the cost to carpet your home

18 Oct 2018
The key questions that determine the cost to carpet your home

When someone contacts Harrisons Carpet to arrange a consultation with one of our flooring experts, they tend to know the space they want to be carpeted and the budget they have to spend but are usually in the dark about how far their money will stretch.

That’s why we come to you. By visiting your home and asking specific questions, we can give you a direct quote for the job and ensure you’re getting the right product for your home.

So we asked Harrisons Carpet franchisee, Mohammed Yusuf, from Johnsonville to explain the basics and outline the information he needs before he can show you our range of more than 600 oversized samples for you to choose from and then provide that all-important proposal.

Why do you want a new carpet?

“The basic division is between people buying carpet because they are selling their home and want it to look nice and tidy, and those who are updating or renovating. If they are selling, we usually advise a shorter pile carpet to look nice and neat and give potential buyers that vital first impression. Real estate agents will tell their clients that new carpets make homes easier to sell because buyers see old carpets and instantly think there’s a costly amount of work to do as soon as they move in, whereas new carpets show them that there’s one less thing to do if and when they move in.

“If they’re looking at renovating, then it’s another matter – then we need to know how hard-wearing it needs to be, whether, say, the household has kids running around inside; if there are a lot of sunny areas that would be prone to fading; and what level of softness they want underfoot. If they want something hard-wearing, then we’d usually recommend a product in heavier-weight solution-dyed nylon. Then we’d show them some samples, and they will pick one.

Where do you want the new carpet?

“After the client has chosen the style, we can measure every room in the house where the carpet is required to work out how much they need and can give a proposal on the spot. We use a laser measure and an app called SiteDraw, which means we can upload the whole plan onto a tablet. From that plan, because the carpet is measured in lineal metres rather than square metres and is usually 3.66m wide, we can work out the wastage and what lineal metres of carpet we need. There are 3.6 square metres per lineal metre, and our costings and proposals will be done in lineal metres.”

What’s your budget?

“At Harrisons, we have something for every budget. For an entry-level three-bedroom, one-level home with a hall, lounge and dining area, a good base size is a standard 23 lineal metres, which would be carpeted with underlay and fit for around $4000. For top-end products in the same size, that might be about $6000. “If you are adding an extra four lineal metre-bedroom onto the same job, you’d add around an extra $800 for the basic proposal and about $1000 for the higher end. But if you needed 40 lineal metres of top-end carpet, the job would be around $12,000. But we really can suit any budget!”

As well as the cost of the carpet, Mohammed also points out that there are some extra charges to be aware of that go into the final quote: ·

  • Moving existing furniture before carpeting.
  • Removal of old carpet.
  • Staircases can be priced per stair for wraparound carpet, and the cost will vary depending on the number of staircase landings and the number of stairs.
  • Naplock bars that fit between carpet and vinyl flooring are an additional cost.

“Usually, when someone contacts our call centre, they know the areas of the home they want to carpet and the style and type of carpet they would like,” Mohammed says. “They may also have done some pricing as well. But it’s only when we can visit them and see what the job entails that we can provide a detailed proposal.”

For more information on our nearly 50 locally owned mobile carpet retailers who will be able to show you a range of options to suit your requirements and provide a quote on the spot, contact us on 0800 421001 or via the website to book a consultation at a time that suits you.

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