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Toughest Zen3 ‘Student Proof’ carpet with Feltex & Harrisons

17 Sep 2018
Toughest Zen3 ‘Student Proof’ carpet with Feltex & Harrisons

Toughest Zen3 ‘Student Proof’ carpet with Feltex & Harrisons

Our Zen3 collection is made from new generation Triexta yarn, that offers not only exceptional performance but is the most environmentally friendly of all man-made fibres.

What is Triexta, and how is it ‘Student Proof’?

Triexta is one of the latest synthetic carpet fibres on the market. It offers amazing performance and was successfully tried and tested as ‘Student Proof’.

Triexta features a kinked molecular structure that provides new levels of stain, soil, wear and fade resistance, making it life proof as well as incredibly soft.

Made from a combination of polymers and a corn sugar derivative called Bio-PDO, Triexta’s manufacture produces 63% less greenhouse gas emissions than the production of an equal amount of nylon6. It is 37% renewable and is environmentally certified by the ACCS. And since many stains can be cleaned just using water without harsh and environmentally unfriendly chemicals its a positive for both the environment and your home.

What’s great is that nature has helped produce a fibre that is not only soft to touch without compromising resilience and hard wearing qualities, but highly resistant to staining and very colourfast. Triexta fibres are also very resilient , meaning your carpet looks beautiful and lasts longer.

All our ranges are manufactured in Australasia, and are available in a range of colours and styles that suit our local market.

It’s no wonder that it easily handled a house full of students flatting together in Dunedin, surviving all the highs, lows, and extreme indoor snowboarding of Orientation week. Triexta really is a super fibre.

If you are looking for luxury without compromising performance then Zen3 maybe be the right choice for you.

Use our product selection guide to see how Zen3 rates, you won’t be disappointed.

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