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What carpet goes with grey walls?

23 Feb 2022
What carpet goes with grey walls?

Decided to repaint your bedroom, living room or home office walls grey? Neutral tones, like grey, still remain some of the hottest colours on the market. However, grey is a complex colour, although it does not seem much like that at first sight, it can be challenging when it comes to pairing grey with carpet. We have come up with a selection of carpets to solve your problem!

Defining your wall's specific grey

To choose carpet colours for your grey walls that look incredible, you need to evaluate the richness and undertones of the shade you use first.

Like all colours, grey runs the spectrum from light to dark and could be of two undertone types: warm and cool.

Warm greys have a yellowish undertone, while cool greys may have a pink or blue shade. It's easy to spot the difference. You need just to hold a yellow piece of paper against the grey surface. If the yellow and grey mesh well, the grey is warm.

What carpet goes with dark grey walls?

Dark grey walls and light cloudy grey carpet

The best colour carpet to go with grey walls is… grey. Seriously. Look at interior design magazines, and you'll find a lot of grey on grey. Dark greys are particularly hard to pair with, but light grey is an easy choice. Light grey like Rossini 716 will add an airy feeling and make your room look brighter.

Dark grey walls and cream carpet

Beige and grey are a match made in heaven.

Beige tends to reduce the cold feature of the grey that brings a feeling of warmth and turn any living space into a harmonised area to live.

Do not hesitate to make soft and luxurious Aries 500 your choice if you want harmony and comfort to be the guests of your room.

Dark grey walls and dark brown carpet

Brown and grey are common combinations that you can see in lots of houses. And there is no surprise how well they partner together, as brown is a darker version of beige. If you'd like to forego the carpeting entirely, use brown hardwood like Moduleo Impress Kiwi Wood in the room with grey walls instead.

Dark grey walls and dark stone grey carpet

Want to create modern, elegant, and bold interior space? Dark grey carpet is your choice. We love to use this combination too. However, only use dark and bold flooring in rooms with a lot of natural lighting. Also, we recommend not to use it in a small space as it sometimes makes the room feel even smaller.

Look at Antares in 07 shade. This low profile, cut pile, soft solution-dyed nylon carpet is very easy to maintain with excellent performance characteristics.

What carpet goes with light grey walls?

Light grey walls and dark & moody grey carpet

From our experience, dark grey is the most attractive colour carpet to be paired with grey walls in the bedroom. When being used together, dark carpet flooring builds up a restful atmosphere. Something like Waimea is a great choice here.

Light grey walls and cream carpet

Most shades of grey have a cool tone, and that's why this colour is a perfect choice to create an elegant interior. But in some cases, it is needed to warm it up a little bit by combining it with some warmer tones. One of our favourite choices for this is beige.

The bright shade of Akaroa 500 will make your room look modern and cosy, at the same time.

Light grey walls and deep brown carpet

Brown carpet goes well with dark grey walls, you can use a lighter shade of brown, for example, Wakatipu, with light grey. You can also try to choose dark brown furniture with light brown accessories to give your room a mix of bold and brightening.

Light grey walls and light cloudy grey carpet

Using a similar shade of grey between the walls and carpet can be pretty risky, but it can bring outstanding results when it is done correctly,especially when you pair with contrasting vibrant furnishings.

Our Alfresco light and mid grey range makes it easy to match with both warm and cool tones of the light grey walls.

Light grey walls and soft blue carpet

Some people think that grey walls make the entire room feel dull, and the best way to solve it is by using blue colour carpet. It creates an airy and fresh visual and makes your room look more attractive.

From the wide range of blue shades, our favourite is Rossini 880. This particular shade looks much more neutral, which is why it blends easily with grey walls.

Why Harrisons?

Harrisons are a Resene paint colour partner - we come to you, bringing Resene paint colour coded carpet. We'll show you a suite of colours that will enable you to match your flooring, walls, accents (e.g. architraves, window frames), and even feature walls.

Using colour contrasts and complementary hues, Harrison's colour schemes are on-trend and will last a lifetime.

Let's find your perfect colour scheme!

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