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What is flooring underlay, and when do you need it?

17 Aug 2023
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If you’re looking at updating or adding carpet, laminate, or engineered timber flooring to your home, don’t forget about the layer you don’t see! Choosing the right underlay will ensure that your new flooring lasts as long as possible, and can provide extra benefits.

What is underlay?

Flooring underlay is a thin layer of material or ‘padding’ designed to be placed between your subfloor and your new flooring. It can help to protect your floors from moisture, provide insulation and create a layer of soundproofing. Different underlay types are suited to different rooms, uses and underfloor bases.

laminate options

Flooring underlay for laminate

Many New Zealanders love the natural material looks that can be achieved with laminate flooring!

This popular material usually requires an underlay to provide cushioning between the subfloor and the laminate, reduce noise, provide insulation, and importantly, help to prevent moisture from reaching the laminate, extending its lifespan.

Timber floor

Flooring underlay for timber

Underlay isn’t always necessary for engineered timber flooring since it can also be glued down, but there are some great options available that provide moisture protection and sound absorption qualities.

Throughout August 2023, we are offering FREE standard underlay with our Pergo Laminate and Engineered Timber ranges!

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carpet options

Flooring underlay for carpets

Most types of carpets require an underlay to prolong the life and quality of your carpet.

  • PU Foam carpet underlay provides plenty of cushioning and shock absorption, and is an effective sound buffer, so is ideal for stairs, hallways and playrooms.
  • Double stick carpet underlay is designed to help your carpet withstand heavy impact, so is useful for garages, commercial spaces and busy staircases or ramps.
  • Pink underlay (Invincible Underlay) is 11mm thick, so is extra comfortable underfoot, and has antimicrobial properties. Also, we donate a dollar for every roll we sell to the Breat Cancer Foundation! We have donated $732,181 so far, and usually donate about $100k every year.

Learn more about carpet underlay here.

While not the most exciting part of your flooring project, underlay is crucial for most types of flooring to maximise lifespan, provide insulation, reduce noise and keep your floors looking and feeling their best.

Your ideal floors are just a free consultation away!

If you are considering improving your home with new flooring, the Harrisons team can help you make the best decision for your budget, style preferences and lifestyle needs.

We’ll make sure to find a stress-free solution that looks good, and functions well in your home!

Contact us to book a free at-home consultation.

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