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What’s Next with Carpet and Colour Schemes?

17 Sep 2018
What’s Next with Carpet and Colour Schemes?

What’s Next with Carpet and Colour Schemes?

The whole point of fashion is that it constantly evolves. Hot new looks and previously undreamed of colour combinations appear on trendy TV shows and then colonise the homes of fashion-conscious people before percolating through to the mass market.

It can be quite a challenge keeping up with the latest carpet styles and colours. So we had a word with one of New Zealand’s top interior designers, Hamish Dodd.

Here are his thoughts on colour trends, types of carpet and other design ideas that are moving to the forefront this year.

Hamish sees the current fashion for neutral carpet colours continuing for a while yet. A neutral carpet palette provides a very flexible base for room designs. After all, you can easily add extra colours and accents with soft furnishings such as curtains, furniture or even just cushions.

These have really taken off in recent years as homeowners realise what a fantastic choice of high-quality solution dyed nylon carpets are available. With strong carpet reviews, easy care properties and great range of colours and styles, these carpets will be appearing in more and more homes.

These types of carpet will continue to have strong appeal with most people and designers. There’s something quite magical and luxurious about a thick cut-pile carpet that tempts you take off your shoes and walk barefoot across it.

Sorry to break the news if you’re a fan of textured carpet styles, but these types of carpet are not featuring strongly at present. Most current designs avoid a strongly textured look on the floor.

Neutral tones continue to hold their own

Solution dyed nylon carpets go from strength to strength

Thick cut-pile carpet will always appeal

Textured carpet is off most lists for now

But give it a few years and who knows what will be fashionable again? The only thing that’s certain is that new looks will pop out of nowhere, and something we can barely imagine right now will be the hottest new look of next year.

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