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Maia is one of the new 100% SDN collection made entirely from 100% regenerated ECONYL® nylon. Maia is a superbly crafted hard twist carpet that gives a comfortable feel to your home.

Maia is the mid weight level of the 100% SDN hard twist carpet in a new collection made entirely from 100% regenerated ECONYL® nylon.

ECONYL® yarn stands at the forefront of eco-friendly carpet manufacturing innovation. Crafted from upcycled nylon waste, this remarkable fiber actively combats environmental pollution. Furthermore, it boasts the unique ability to be endlessly regenerated, remodeled, and re-extruded in an unbroken cycle – all without tapping into new resources, as is often the case with conventional recycling methods. Through this ingenious process, ECONYL® consistently delivers the same exceptional qualities and performance you'd expect from brand-new nylon

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Why choose SDN carpet flooring?

Solution Dyed Nylon (SDN) carpet flooring is a true all-rounder. Solution Dyed Nylon carpet flooring is stain, fade and wear-resistant due to its elasticity, strength, and longevity, and with proper care, it will look as good as new in years.

What is Solution Dyed Nylon?

What is Solution Dyed Nylon?

Solution dyeing is a colour-adding process for synthetic fibres. The colour is introduced to the liquid condition of the fibre components before the fibre is formed in the solution dyeing procedure.

Because the colour is bound into the fibres, solution dyed fibres are far more fade-resistant. Because of our extreme UV conditions, Solution Dyed Nylon carpet flooring is fantastic for New Zealand houses.

Benefits of Solution Dyed Nylon flooring



SDN is an excellent choice for families and high-traffic areas. This flooring can be bent, crushed, and even stretched up to 30% of its original length before returning to its original shape because of its elasticity, strength, and durability.

Colour fastness and fade resistance

Colour fastness and fade resistance

Solution dyed nylon carpets will not fade in the sun because the colours flow right through the fibre. New Zealand is known for its intense ultraviolet (UV) rays. Choose a carpet that won't bleach in the sun.

Easy Care & Maintenance

Easy Care & Maintenance

Your nylon carpet will look fantastic with regular vacuuming, and get it professionally steam cleaned once a year. The heat of the steam also helps the carpet's fibres bounce back up.

So many styles to choose from

So many styles to choose from

The popularity of SDN flooring has resulted in a wide range of styles, colours, and thicknesses. You can be pretty certain that a carpet will fit whatever design dream you may have.

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