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2024 interior design trends: tips from the experts

08 Jan 2024
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Happy New Yeah! If you’re spending time relaxing at home over the summer period, you might have started imagining how you could refresh your space for 2024.

Your interior design choices impact the overall mood, comfort and functionality of your home and set the tone for your awesome year. It’s important to choose flooring and window treatments that are on trend, suit your lifestyle and will stand the test of time.

Our design experts have put together the trends we are most excited to see in Kiwi homes this year. We hope this helps you get inspired!

Sustainability is more on trend than ever

Sustainable flooring

There are plenty of excellent options on the market for sustainably sourced, durable materials for carpets and hard flooring. Eco-conscious carpet materials, such as NZ wool, will continue to be popular + wood hard flooring. Check out the winner of our ‘Most Sustainable Hard Flooring’ Award for 2023 here!

Energy bill savings with the right curtains and blinds

Curtains and blinds play a massive role in keeping your home warm or cool while keeping your energy bills low. More homeowners are choosing window treatments that have good insulation properties; this helps Kiwis waste less power. Better for the environment and your wallet!

Top top: Make sure you choose our Greenguard certified fabrics wherever you can.

Smart automation

Motorised or electric blinds conquered the market throughout 2023, and we see no signs of this slowing! We love the ultimate convenience motorisation offers. Electric blinds are easily controlled by a remote, app or Smart Home, fully rechargeable, have no wiring and look great. Smart blinds can be programmed to set specific times for opening or closing; this means you can easily keep the sun out or let the light warm up your space, even if you’re not home at the right time!

Earthy tones

When it comes to colour palettes, we are seeing more customers lean towards minimalist tones for both carpets and window treatments. Leaning away from colourful floors and windows is especially ideal for people who like to change up the aesthetic of their spaces often; instead, you can let statement pieces of furniture and art do the talking.

However, while previous minimalist trends leaned towards whites, greys and blacks, we are seeing earthy tones regain popularity. Browns, beiges, creams and terracotta tones create a much warmer, homier atmosphere in lounges and bedrooms. In a recent survey conducted by the New York Design Centre, over 90% of respondents predicted that brown will be the colour of choice in 2024!

Less is more

When it comes to choosing the perfect curtains and blinds in 2024, we still stand by keeping things simple! Trendy, minimalistic curtains and blinds will help to visually declutter your space, and set you up for a relaxing, low-maintenance 2024!

Your design refresh is just a free consultation away

If you are considering improving your home with new flooring, curtains or blinds, the Harrisons team can help you make the best decision for your budget, style preferences and lifestyle needs.

We have been enhancing Kiwi homes for over 60 years and can come directly to your home to understand how to combine the functionality you need with the aesthetic you love.

We’ll make sure to find a stress-free solution that looks good, and functions well in your home!

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