Best Carpets for People with Allergies

17 Apr 2019

It’s thought that one in every six New Zealanders is asthmatic. Combine this with New Zealand having one of the highest rates of childhood asthma in the developed world and you can see the problem is real.

What causes an asthma attack? Asthma is typically prompted by allergens like trees, grass or weeds, dust mites, cockroaches and animal fur. Air-based allergens can be smoke, strong chemical smells and perfumes.

Just like many blinds today are designed with man-made fibres, so too are carpets. This is because they are produced to not only be fade and stain resistant, but to ensure they don’t house allergen nasties which can lead to chronic health problems.

The good news is if there are allergy sufferers in your home you aren’t limited to a hard floor option. You can still have the warmth of carpet without the worry of allergies.

Though wool carpet is beautiful and luxurious we recommend a SDN, Zen3 or polypropylene carpet for allergy sufferers. This is because natural fabrics like wool will absorb moisture, encouraging mould.

Here is a quick guide to the types of carpet fibres Harrisons have on offer.

1.SDN (solution dyed nylon) carpets are very easy to maintain with excellent performance characteristics. Not only is it insect resistant its stain and fade resistant as well.

2.Harrisons’ range of Zen3 carpets offer a texture similar to wool, but is partially renewable fibre, with 35% being made from corn extracts.

3.Polypropylene cut pile carpets are beautifully soft and luxurious underfoot at a price point to suit your home, a rental property or a commercial building.

With regular vacuuming, ventilation and opting for a short cut pile carpet, you are well on your way to reducing allergy flare-ups.

Book a Harrisons free measure and quote today to discover which carpet is not only the right colour and feel for your home, but which is the healthier flooring option for you.

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