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The New Vinyl Revolution (It’s Not Just for Your Nan’s Kitchen Any More!)

17 Sep 2018
The New Vinyl Revolution (It’s Not Just for Your Nan’s Kitchen Any More!)

Sorry, Nan, but that old 50s housewife-look kitchen with formica tables and wipe-clean vinyl floors really does seem a little dated these days!

But that’s not to say that vinyl is out – far from it. There are now heaps of stylish options to get all the user-friendly benefits of a material that’s custom-made for hard-wearing areas of your home or business.

Harrisons Carpet product manager Mike Dean says vinyl has been a popular choice for as long as the company has been around.

“The market hasn’t changed much in terms of volume in the past 15 or 20 years and vinyl has remained popular because it’s very affordable,” Mike says. “Carpet is probably the most affordable, and then sheet vinyl – it’s certainly a lot less expensive than putting down tiles and people prefer it because it’s not as hard and a little bit easier to live with. Harrisons in-house expert interior designer Anita Shirley says innovations in vinyl plank designs means they’re once again right on trend for renovators.

“The manufacturers keep coming up with new designs and patterns and longer planks that look more natural with grooves that mimic natural wooden planks, so it’s a very good look and one which means you might not look at your floor as just a piece of vinyl,” Anita says. “A lot of people now are going away from carpet in a family area and having either wooden or vinyl planking in that living space.”

So what are the benefits of vinyl?

1. New look: Vinyl planks have been designed to mimic wood with textures and grains you can see and feel. Harrisons has ranges to match our best-selling carpet ranges as well as styles to fit any traditional or modern fashions.

3. Hard-wearing: For high-traffic areas and rooms where you’re likely to get spills and moisture – places like kitchens, bathrooms, toilets or wet rooms – then vinyl is custom-made to put up with almost anything you can throw at it.

4. Easy to clean: No fibres to think of, no clever ways to learn how to get rid of wine stains or chewing gum – spillages on vinyl are simply a matter of wiping or mopping the floor down and letting it dry.

5. Pet-friendly: For households with animals, vinyl floors offer a great mixture of warmth and easy-clean surfaces with no chance that hairs and fur are going to build up by the hour.

6. Easy to replace: If you do get a chip or gauge in a vinyl plank, then it’s simply an easy matter to replace that individual plank. Far less costly that replacing a carpet, matching a new tile, wooden board or stone.

7. Perfect for landlords: Running one or more rental accommodation means finding the balance between low running costs (maximizing your return on investment) and finding hard-wearing fixtures and fittings that are suitable for any style of tenant. Vinyl is a cost-effective flooring option that is easy for tenants to keep clean and long-lasting enough to last multiple occupancies.

8. Great commercial applications: The utility and performance of vinyl combined with its great range of looks, styles and colours makes it ideal for kitting out shops and stores. High-traffic shops need to look good without requiring constant upkeep and deep cleans, and vinyl offers a sturdy, fashionable look with minimal care.

For more information, to get a closer look at our vinyl ranges or to book a free in-home consultation with a Harrisons expert, call us on 0800 421001, or fill out the booking form online.

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