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Why wool? Everything to know about wool carpets!

16 Apr 2024
Why wool?  Everything to know about wool carpets!

Wool carpets are very popular in New Zealand - and for good reason! Wool looks good, feels good underfoot and has great environmental credentials. Here are some insights from our

design experts on why you should choose NZ wool for your next carpet.

Why is wool an excellent carpet material?

Wool is known for being extremely comfortable, and has a timeless, luxurious aesthetic. Here are some lesser known (but no less important) properties of wool carpets to consider:

    ECO-friendly and sustainable

Wool is a renewable resource, and doesn’t harm animals or the environment in the production process. We don’t even need to source it from overseas; New Zealand produces some of the best quality wool in the world! Wool is also biodegradable, so once your carpet is past its usable life, you can dispose of it safely and ethically.

    The warmer, healthier choice

Wool has excellent insulation properties, so you can keep your home comfortable all year round, and keep your heating bills down in winter. Wool also naturally improves indoor air quality by removing excess moisture from the air, and it is hypo-allergenic, making your home healthier and better to live in.

    Durable and low-maintenance

Wool’s unique crimped fibre structure and elasticity helps it bounce back into its original shape quickly, so you won’t get the ‘trodden’ effect in areas with high foot traffic. It is also stain and soil resistant, and doesn’t attract lint, making cleaning a breeze. So, your wool carpets will look great, even in the busiest family homes, for many years to come!

Our top NZ wool carpets

We only work with the best brands, here is our top wool carpets:





Explore our full range of wool carpets here.

The different styles of wool carpet

Our wool carpets are available in three main styles: cut pile, textured loop and level loop.

Mt Nicholas

Cut pile

Made by threading wool fibre loops through the carpet backing, then shearing off the tops of the loops evenly, leaving upright tufts of fibre. This creates a luxurious and uniform look, ideal for bedrooms and lounges.


Textured loop pile

Made using wool loops of varying heights to create unique patterns and interesting textures. The loops ensure a hard-wearing carpet that works well in medium to high-traffic areas.


Level loop pile

This style of loop pile carpet has all of the loops at a uniform length, making it ultra-durable. It is a great choice for high foot traffic areas like stairwells and hallways.

Wool carpet maintenance tips

Here’s how you can ensure your wool carpet looks good, stays comfortable and retains its insulation benefits for as long as possible:

mt somers

    Choose the right underlay

Most types of carpets require an underlay to prolong the life and quality of your carpet. Choosing the underlay that best suits your space will ensure you are getting the best out of your flooring! Learn more about underlay here.

    Vacuum regularly

Vacuuming removes dust, germs and dirt particles before they are embedded in the carpet pile. During the warm seasons, you need to vacuum at least once a week. In winter, more is better!

    Keep water and dirt outside

Invest in good quality doormats, and get in the habit of taking off your shoes when you get inside.

    Deep cleaning

Get your carpet professionally cleaned before each winter to eliminate stubborn stains, remove allergens and germs, and extend the life and look of your carpet.

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