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Harrisons Carpets on Creative Living

17 Sep 2018
Harrisons Carpets on Creative Living

Harrisons Carpets on Creative Living

From the outset of TV3’s latest home renovation show, Creative Living, one of the biggest battles facing the renovators has been turning a draughty 100-year-old Kiwi villa into a warm, comfy modern home.

Harrisons Carpet has been working alongside TV builder Peter Wolfkamp (you’ll recognise him as the site foreman from The Block NZ) as he helps couple Jo and Richard Graham turn their run-down, three-bedroom Ponsonby house into a beautiful and healthy home for their growing family.

The first of the episodes that we appeared in was the all-important conversion of the rooms at the front of the building into bedroom for Jo and Richard’s eight-year-old Olivia and a guest bedroom that one day will turn into a bedroom for their new baby.

Because having a well-insulated room is so important for a healthy child – not to mention keeping those heating bills under control – Peter and the team explain the perfect way to turn a rickety old office into a warm bedroom.

As well as using insulation under the floor and in the walls, and retro-fitting double glazing to the lovely old sash windows at the front of the house, Jo and Richard call on Harrisons Carpet’s Kris Burn to fit a luxurious solution dyed nylon carpet in both the bedrooms.

They choose from the Origin range combined with Invincible underlay after looking through a range of mood boards to help them pick the right fibres and colour, eventually deciding that colour 64 is the right match for Olivia’s underwater theme – the youngster is adamant that everything has to go with blue in her room!

Discussing the colours with Kris allows Jo and Richard to learn that carpet will always look lighter on the floor when compared to samples and a darker shade on the floor would work well in the bedrooms to anchor the room. Also the once-scorned choice of nylon fibres has come a long way with the 21st century solution dyeing process now meaning that the carpets will retain their colour for much longer than they used to.

And once they’ve made their decision on the carpets – they’re able to take the samples to Resene so they can choose the paint for their walls.

The couple – and Olivia – are thrilled with how the two front bedrooms work out at the end of the show and, in a subsequent episode, decide to use the same carpet for their first-floor master bedroom as well as the stairs that lead up to it.

You can catch each episode of Creative Living on TV3, Saturdays from 4.25pm until October 22 or watch the episodes later on 3NOW – and if you’re inspired by Jo and Richard’s project to makeover your whole home, or even just a room or two, you can call Harrisons for a free in-home consultation on 0800 102 004 or contact us via the website.

Almost any renovation in New Zealand is going to have to tackle the challenges of much of our older housing being under-insulated, draughty and unhealthy places. And what Creative Living displays best of all is how easily you can convert those important rooms such as master bedrooms and children’s rooms into warm, comfy and healthy areas. Harrisons understands that carpets can play a large role in creating a well-insulated room and is happy to work alongside any renovators on any size projects to ensure you get the home of your dreams.

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