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Kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms: An expert’s guide to the best flooring

02 Nov 2018

Kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms: An expert’s guide to the best flooring

The ongoing popularity of property renovation shows means there’s still plenty of on-screen inspiration for New Zealanders wanting to spruce up their homes.

Night after night, programmes like The Block NZ or George Clark’s suite of shows such as Amazing Spaces and Ugly House to Lovely House provide ideas for new looks for rooms throughout the house.

After 15 years in the business, New Plymouth-based Harrisons Carpet franchise owner Peter Brisco says the latest trend is for kitchen renovations – possibly because renovation shows are about as popular as cooking shows. However, there’s still plenty of interest in bathrooms, living spaces and bedrooms and adding value to these rooms as well.

When customers invite Peter into their homes to see the range of carpet and vinyl flooring and choose what’s right for them, he’s happy to share with them what he thinks are the best options – because those are the choices he’s already made for his own home.

“It’s important not to have preconceptions when you go into people’s homes,” he says. “And you have to ask all the right questions about whether they’re staying or selling, whether it’s for the rental market and what budget they have – and it can take a few questions to get to the answer. But nine times out of ten we get the right price bracket and the right quality they want.

So what does Peter think are the best options for kitchen, bathroom and bedroom renos?

For kitchens, Peter trusts wood-look vinyl planking as a long-lasting, good-looking, user-friendly option. “They are hardier than the sheet product and definitely last longer – and when they pull out heavy whiteware like fridges, they don’t rip apart. And if they are damaged, it’s easy to replace individual planks.”

Peter also says that vinyl planks fit the modern style so beloved of renovators. “The old colours had that plain rimu look, but the modern planks are run through with greys and browns that really fit the current style.”

Continuity is also a very important part of renovation meaning that vinyl planking is also the best choice for bathrooms, toilets and laundry. “It’s gone away from having a different look to having the same style throughout these areas – and personally for me, I know I can sell them as the best option because that’s what I’ve got in my own place as well: in the right place and the right colour, they look stunning.”

When it comes to carpeted areas, Peter says it’s still vital to be able to give good advice. For example, a recent job involved a homeowner who had a large, renovated north-facing beach house with large expanses of glass and ranch sliders. Although the initial request was for wool carpets, Peter knew the heat and the sun would dry out that natural fibre and was able to show that nylon would be a better – and equally luxurious – option.

“We always talk about what they want to achieve and it always comes down to how long they want the carpet to last and how soft they want it,” he says. “For those who say they want the best, I can say that we put the best carpet in our place and that will last you almost until you get sick of it!

“They’re happy to know that because we can have whatever carpet we want in our place and we chose that one, that will suit their home as well.”

And for those who want the best? Peter says his Republic Premier from Cavalier Bremworth is the perfect choice.

For more information from our nearly 50 locally owned mobile carpet retailers and advice about which of our flooring carpets is best for your home, contact us on 0800 421001 or via the website to book a consultation at a time that suits you.

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