New Zealand Wool Carpet – sustainable, beautiful, durable

14 Aug 2020

New Zealand wool is internationally recognised as some of the best carpet wool in the world.Technology for synthetic carpets has come a long way in recent times but wool carpet is making a significant comeback – offering not only a more sustainable flooring option but many more bonuses to boot.


Wool is incredibly durable and hardwearing, and it’s easy to see why. If you’d lived outside through harsh South Island winters, you would be pretty stoic as well! A quality wool carpet will outlast synthetic fibres every time.

Wool superpowers

Not only is wool a natural fibre (completely renewable resource in carpet), it has plenty of other tricks up its sleeve. Did you know wool:

  1. Is a natural insulator – the hollow fibres trap air.
  2. Absorbs moisture in humid conditions and releases it in dry conditions.
  3. Is the most resilient fibre. Wool springs back for excellent appearance retention.
  4. Is the best material to use for textured styles because of its resilience.
  5. Is grown and manufactured right here in New Zealand – keeping our country and local industry moving.
  6. Is also the best flooring choice for allergy and asthma sufferers.
Value for money

Though wool carpet is typically at the higher end of price guides let’s not forget wool carpet is also the hardest working carpet available. When you purchase a wool carpet, around 85% of the price is the current market price for raw wool. Yes, you really are getting what you pay for.

Easy to clean

Cleaning wool carpet is similar to cleaning your favourite woolly jumper. Vacuum up loose dirt, use a mild detergent with warm water, rinse and blot excess moisture. A qualification in chemistry is unnecessary.

Not all wool is created equal

There is wool and then, there is wool. Yarn quality can differ dramatically, with durability and colour retention being the key factors. A cheap wool tends to shed a lot in its first year and can drop around 15% in weight, simply because it has been vacuumed up!


Wool takes to colour like a duck takes to water. Wool carpet will look crisp and vibrant for many years to come. Low-quality wool can take on a yellowy-look as the years go by.

See if wool is right for your home by talking to your local Harrisons flooring specialist. We can advise on the best product of your home, colour and give you a quote on the spot. You may want to check out our customer reviews too.

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