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Solution Dyed Nylon Carpets Show Their True Colours

17 Sep 2018
Solution Dyed Nylon Carpets Show Their True Colours

Solution Dyed Nylon Carpets Show Their True Colours

There’s a new breed of carpet rolling into New Zealand homes. More durable than many of the wool carpets we know and love, but with extra hardwearing qualities, these solution dyed nylon carpets offer some major advantages.

But first – what exactly does ‘solution dyed nylon’ actually mean?

Think of it as a carrot versus a radish. The carrot is orange all the way through, while the radish is only coloured on the outside. In the same way, a solution dyed nylon carpet has colour all the way through the fibre, rather than being externally dyed after the fibre is spun.

These types of carpet offer some big advantages to the homeowner. Here are our four top reasons to consider a solution dyed nylon carpet for your home:

1. Stain, stain, go away

A huge plus for solution dyed nylon carpets is their stain resistance. Natural fibres such as wool are much more likely to give you anxious moments when a glass of red wine is accidentally toppled. This might not matter so much with a dark or heavily patterned carpet, but it could be a real deal-breaker if you have your heart set on a lovely pale carpet colour to complement your décor..

2. UV resistance shines through

Because the carpet colours go right through the fibre, solution dyed nylon carpets won’t fade in the sun. New Zealand is notorious for its harsh ultraviolet light, so if you’re looking for a carpet to sit beside your north-facing picture window, consider one that won’t turn into a bleached-out approximation within a few short years.

3. Warranties that look as good as the carpet

Because of the above factors, carpet manufacturers are much more confident about guaranteeing their product. Check with your carpet retailer, but in most cases you’ll find solution dyed nylon carpets come with a reassuring set of warranties.

4. A range that will amaze

Many markets around the world now opt for synthetic carpets such as solution dyed nylons. In the USA alone, nylon is used in around 65% of all residential carpets. That means a plethora of carpet mills producing products, so you won’t be restricted for choice. Your carpet retailer can offer you a wide choice of carpet colours and carpet styles, all made from solution dyed nylon fibre. Chances are, you’ll find some samples you love among them.

Even a dyed-in-the-wool traditionalist will love that.

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