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The Pros and Cons of Cut and Looped Pile Carpets

17 Sep 2018
The Pros and Cons of Cut and Looped Pile Carpets

The Pros and Cons of Cut and Looped Pile Carpets

Choosing new carpets can seem a formidable exercise because of the wide range of options that Harrisons supplies.

This variety is the main reason why we come to you to show you exactly what each type of carpet looks and feels like (you’ll get the chance to run your hand over more than 450 examples if you want!) – but before you start talking to our carpet experts or picking colours that go with your curtains and walls, it’s worth understanding the impact of some of the broader choices.

We’ve already looked in detail at the assortment of carpet fibres on offer – and how they suit different homes and lifestyles, and now it is time to consider the styles that give a carpet key factors such as durability, luxuriant underfoot texture and overall look.

Cut Piles

Cut pile carpet is New Zealand’s most popular style and accounts for around 85% of all householders’ choices. They come in a huge variety of qualities and price ranges and in high weight longer pile options offer a luxurious feel and opulent look. These higher weight carpets do show footprints and other tracking so best to bear that in mind if you are looking to purchase one.

If that’s not your taste you should opt for a lower tightly packed pile which will not display this as much. Cut piles offer a more blanket one colour look on the floor and are now available in some very soft to touch synthetic options which adds another level of comfort.

Loop piles , Textures and sisals

Loop piles are a good option for those who don’t like the look of tracking or shading. In days gone by loop pile berbers were some of the best sellers, these have flecks of colour through them and are practical and durable, the flecks hiding soiling, they don’t track easily and are a good choice for family living.

By combining different coloured fibres and varying the height of the loops many different styles and patterns can be created. These are called textures and sisals and can be quite different in appearance to cut piles. They have a more modern look than the loop berbers, are still durable and also don’t show tracking like cut piles do.

If you have pets that like to scratch and paw then loop piles may not be the best option as they can run if snagged.

Most of the loop piles sold in NZ are made from wool which is the best fibre for these styles.

Having a rough idea of the type of carpet you are looking for before you talk to an expert certainly helps narrow the range, but nothing compares to actually seeing the different styles, fibres and colours in your own home. For more information, and to get a closer look at our carpet ranges at a free in-home consultation with a Harrisons expert, call us on 0800 421001, or fill out the booking form online.

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