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What if I don’t know what flooring I want?

14 Nov 2019

What if I don’t know what flooring I want?

You will be pleased to know that you don’t have to be a flooring expert when looking for new flooring.

Harrisons team of business owners around New Zealand offer a full-service install, making sure everything is right, from the initial visit right through to when your new flooring has been installed and ‘lived’ on.

We think choosing carpet, laminate or vinyl in a store is a bit like choosing it in the dark. We believe you need to see it in your own home because often larger spaces make the flooring appear lighter. Only in your own home will you know which is the perfect match for you.

On our website, we show ideal flooring types for specific rooms to help you visualise the look you would like.

Visiting your home also allows us to see the condition of your current flooring and how that will come into play before installing a new product. We can also show you our range of carpets, carpet underlays and hard flooring explaining the advantages of each one. Plus having your questions answered ‘on the spot’ by a flooring specialist gives you a better understanding of a product’s performance.

These are some of the main questions we’ll ask you to help choose the most appropriate flooring for your home:

1.Does the room get a lot of sunlight?

2.Do you have young children and pets?

3.What is the foot traffic through the room?

4.Does anyone in your home suffer from allergies?

If you have no idea what colour or texture you’re after, our vans stock hundreds of styles to choose from. Using the latest laser technology, measurements are accurate (down to the last millimetre!) then we print a proposal on the spot, so you’re not waiting for days or weeks to get pricing.

But, most of all, customers appreciate that we look at the whole picture.

It isn’t just about buying flooring– it’s how it fits into your lifestyle, the environmental elements affecting each room (high-fade areas, wet areas such as bathrooms and laundries) and colour advice so it works with your existing décor.

Call us today on 0800 421 001 and have a Harrisons expert help you achieve the flooring you’ve been looking for.

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