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Laminate Flooring for Modern Interiors

08 Oct 2019

Laminate floors are popular with today’s home and business owners as it has the look of real timber and wears very well, making it ideal for both residential and commercial spaces.

Our laminate flooring range is made using the latest technologies combined with superior materials and modern colour trends. We recommend laminate flooring in living areas including lounge, dining, kitchens, hallways and bedrooms (excluding wet areas) to give your home or office a cohesive look and create the illusion of space.

What is laminate flooring?

Laminate flooring consist of four layers of materials pressed together: 1.Wear layer – A clear, top layer that provides exceptional resistance to wear, fading and staining. 2.Design layer – A high resolution printed paper layer that accurately captures the look of the surface it is imitating. Normally, the designs are of timber but they may also be tile or stone. 3.Inner core – A layer of high-density fibreboard (HDF). HDF is a pressed wood product that is extremely dense, providing stability to the finished product. 4.Backing Layer – A melamine layer providing added stability and a moisture barrier.


Love those stiletto heels? Unfortunately, high heels are not kind to timber, bamboo and vinyl flooring, but laminate flooring won’t show those permanent heels dents. Best of all, not only is laminate a fraction of the price of timber floors it is more resistant to stains, fading and great for homes with pets.

How to clean laminate floors

What’s the best thing about laminate flooring? It would have to be the fact that it is virtually maintenance free. Routine cleaning requires only sweeping, vacuuming (preferably with an effective dust filter and suction nozzle for hard surfaces) or dust mopping when needed. A damp mop is best for removing footprints and dirt, wiping parallel to the boards. And remember to stay away from excessive amounts of water.

Looking for some inspiration? See our range of laminate flooring colours and styles for a taste of what you can achieve in your home! Book online today for your free in-home consultation and we’ll bring the showroom to you.

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