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Best Flooring for Babies and Pets

17 Jun 2019

Best Flooring for Babies and Pets

Babies, children and pets can give your floors a serious work-out! Highchairs, toddlers dragging furniture, muddy paws and ride-on toys can leave your floor looking, well, less than fabulous.

And because your heart melts for your babies (including your fur babies) we know you’re looking for a hardwearing but easy-to-clean flooring option, especially in those high-traffic areas of the house. You want to get it right for those family members who spend a lot of time close to the ground!

Interesting Fact: Babies are born with a fully activated sense of taste. That’s why they love eating a multitude of weird, wonderful and sometimes revolting things. Babies are also born with incredible food-to floor accuracy, especially when mastering the art of forks and spoons.

So, what type of flooring should you be looking for?


Harrisons laminate range is difficult to dent, highly fade and scratch resistant and looks it’s best for years to come even with four legged friends around. Installation takes minimal time and is extremely affordable as each wide plank or long board clicks tightly together. Laminate flooring isn’t typically associated with wet areas, but the Harrisons Amor Classic range is water resistant and can be used throughout the home for a seamless look.


If you’re searching for an authentic timber alternative, vinyl mimics the appearance of natural hardwood Vinyl is a softer, slightly more forgiving option than laminate and is suitable for all wet areas. Vinyl gives the best colour selection for bathrooms and laundries as well.

Harrisons vinyl collection also includes The Decotile Stones for those wanting to imitate a natural stone tile at a fraction of the cost of the real thing. Designed with a super strong 0.55mm wear layer and PUR surface treatment this range is as tough as it is beautiful.


Carpet is still your best option for bedrooms. Creating a warm, calm and inviting space can aid with sleeping and a comfortable place for babies and toddlers to hang out with their toys. It’s also kinder on your aging adult knees.

Harrisons Brooklyn, Catania, Calgary and Luxor collection don’t shed their fibre and are stain resistant and durable, making them worthy carpet candidates for families with children. Furthermore, choosing a speckled or multi-coloured carpet will help disguise ‘accidents’, as do darker or ‘mushroomy’ shades.

For the best advice and genuine colour matching, book your free Harrisons consultation today. See how the five-step process makes it quick and easy to get the flooring that’s right for you.

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