Scorpio: An Innovative Carpet with a Lotta Bottle

17 Sep 2018
Scorpio: An Innovative Carpet with a Lotta Bottle

Scorpio: An Innovative Carpet with a Lotta Bottle

Sometimes it takes a lot of bottle to be innovative – and that’s certainly the case for Harrisons latest range of carpets.

The Scorpio carpet range blends affordability and luxury with 21st century eco-credibility by using 100% recycled soft drinks bottles to make up both the fibre and the backing.

This ground-breaking eco-range of carpets has already made a bit of a splash in New Zealand when it was awarded the ‘Best New Eco Product’ award at Hawke’s Bay Better Home & Living Show, and, as the country follows the worldwide trend for either building more sustainable homes or renovating homes to convert them into greener and more comfortable places to live, Scorpio is set to become more and more popular.

So what are the benefits of the Scorpio range:

1. It’s a good decision for the environment: The fibres are woven from a type of polyester called PET – short for polyethylene terephthalat – recycled from drink bottles. PET is used for millions upon millions of food and drink containers per year and reusing it for carpets – some manufacturers say – keeps around 40 bottles out of landfill for every square yard of carpet produced. The carpet, of course, is also recyclable in the same way as the bottles were, creating the potential for “down-cycling” into car parts, insulation and furniture stuffing.

2. It’s safe: PET used in food and drink packaging is made from high quality, food-grade resin and has to pass stringent safety standards throughout the world. This means that your Scorpio carpet is made of the same high-standard materials.

3. And healthy: And because those fibres are synthetic they are more resistant to mould, easy to clean and less likely to harbour dust mites and other common allergens.

4. It’s naturally stain-resistant: PET fibres don’t need the sort of chemical treatments that some other fibres require to be stain-resistant, making them the perfect hard-wearing choice for busy Kiwi homes – especially when it comes to cleaning up those little spills.

5. And colour-fast: Scorpio is solution dyed so is fade resistant and colourfast. This is particularly useful when they have to stand up to New Zealand’s harsh sunlight and give them the edge over traditional wool or overdyed products that have a tendency to fade and lose their colour.

6. It’s a quality fibre: The PET is extruded into a solution dyed fibre, and then twisted into a 2 ply with a high twist using a European Superba heat set process which enhances performance.

7. And yet inexpensive: PET is an inexpensive fibre and offers a luxurious feel and look at affordable prices.

8. We’ve thought about the colour schemes: Scorpio is custom-coloured for New Zealand with nine choices of colour including two-tone colourways. Harrisons has also sent the range to Resene’s top colourist and had our colourways matched to their paints, which can be a real bonus in choosing the right scheme for your home if you are thinking of painting as well.

9. We’ve thought about the overall look: Because the new Scorpio range is 4m wide you can help get rid of those annoying joins in bedrooms. It also has a long and luxurious pile which is very soft to touch, and feels great underfoot, particularly if
combined with our invincible luxury underlay.

10. And you can trust Harrisons on quality: Our new Scorpio range has been independently tested in New Zealand and classified by the manufacturer as residential extra heavy duty.

For more information on our innovative Scorpio carpet and to arrange a free in-home consultation, call us on 0800 421 001 or contact us via the website.


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